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Greek Shadows

by Marc Amfreville

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Greek Shadows

by Marc Amfreville

Translated by Virginie Actis and John Knych

Lucas, 20 years old, and his group of French friends spend a summer in Greece at the time of the military junta in 1969, a summer that will change Lucas's life forever. Haunted by a mysterious, faraway island, tormented by his feelings for a young political refugee whose life he wants to save at all costs, Lucas is about to cross dangerous lines.


Love, friendship, political ideals…Lucas will become interwoven and entangled within their ambiguities. 


Greek Shadows is a novel about what it means to find yourself and the price of facing truth.


Marc Amfreville, born in 1957, is a psychoanalyst and a professor of American literature at Sorbonne University. He is the translator of over fifty English-language novels. He is the author of several monographs, notably on Charles Brockden Brown, Herman Melville, and Edith Wharton. He has also written an essay on the representation of trauma (Ecrits en souffrance). In love with a country he knows intimately, this is his first novel.

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Preorder Status: Currently being printed, available for shipment July 31st.
First Readers will be contacted in August for delivery details.
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First Readers

Jayne Anne Phillips (1) USA

Armistead Maupin (1) USA 

Laird Hunt (1) USA

Indrajit Hazra (1) INDIA

Abubakar Adam Ibrahim (1) NIGERIA

Amir Ahmadi Arian (1) IRAN/USA

Raynor Winn (1) UK

Janet Hubbard (2) USA

 Nazanine Hozar (2) IRAN-CANADA

Brian Evenson (1) USA

Stewart O'Nan (1) USA

Jarred McGinnis (1) USA/FRANCE

Geneviève Brisac (1) FRANCE

Cathy Caruth (1) USA

Cynthia Chase (2) USA

Avital Ronell (2) USA

Philip Barnard (1) USA

Joan Saltzman (1) USA

Susan Bernstein (1) USA

Cristanne Miller (1) USA

Dominique Chevallier (2) FRANCE

Liana Roussi Tzani (2) GREECE

Olivier Cohen (1) FRANCE

Mariette Job (1) FRANCE

André Laks (1) MEXICO

Caroline Pathy-Barker (10) UK

Thierry Bokanowski (3) FRANCE

Sophie Sevdali (2) GREECE

Marie Serda (3) USA

Fenia Antimisiaris (2) USA

Rena Emmanouilidou (1) GREECE

Ilios Willemars (2) NETHERLANDS

Robert Blumberg (1) USA

Sophie Aslanides (3) FRANCE

Frank P. Beninato III (1) FRANCE

Claude Msika (3) ISRAEL

Elie Aslanides (2) FRANCE

Jos. van Wollingen (1) FRANCE

Lida Bitrou (3) GREECE

Myrto Petsota (3) GREECE

Nieko Jongerius (1) NETHERLANDS

Mary Panagiotopoulou (1) GREECE

Michael Sakellis (5) GREECE

Marcel M. Serda (1) FRANCE

Thomas Pughe (2) FRANCE

Christina von Salis-Pughe (1) SWITZERLAND

Timothy von Salis (1) AUSTRIA

Ben Winsworth (1) FRANCE

Petra Pansegrau (1) GERMANY

Christina Manasi (1) GREECE

Jean-Philippe Zermati (2) FRANCE

Catherine Zermati (1) ISRAEL

Antoine Cazé (2) FRANCE

Bettina Kanka (4) GERMANY

Hugo Holland (11) FRANCE

Jean-Michel Ganteau (4) FRANCE

Hélène de Chabert (1) FRANCE

Myriam Amfreville (1) FRANCE

Aggeliki Kiofiri (2) GREECE

Nawelle Lechevalier-Bekadar (1) FRANCE

Shiri Kohn (1) ISRAEL

Anna Fyta (3) GREECE

Anne-Sophie Dreyfus (1) FRANCE

Anne-Laure Tissut (1) FRANCE

Patrice Louinet (1) FRANCE

Cécile Roudeau (1) FRANCE

Anne Ullmo (1) FRANCE

Fernando Davin Pérez (2) SPAIN

Laurent Quero Mellet (2) FRANCE

Olivier Paccoud (1) FRANCE

Sylvie Bauer (1) FRANCE

Audrey Bardizbanian (1) FRANCE

Susana Onega (1) SPAIN

Ada Savin (1) FRANCE

Paweł Frelik (1) POLAND

Pauline Lescar (1) FRANCE

Virginie Serraï (2) FRANCE

Manuèle Masset (1) FRANCE

Pierre Bigorgne (1) FRANCE

Anne Besnault (1) FRANCE

Boris Vejdovsky (1) SWITZERLAND 

Karin Prinz (1) AUSTRIA

Brian Zielenski (1) TAIWAN

Evita Androulaki (2) FRANCE

Myriam Diallo (2) FRANCE

David Chaouat (1) FRANCE

Paule Lévy (1) FRANCE

Madeleine Voga (4) FRANCE

Sophie Simonelli (1) FRANCE

Evangelos Baxevanis (1) NORWAY

Karine Actis-Borgatti (1) FRANCE

Marie-Christine Lemardeley (1) FRANCE

Lelia Rousselet (1) FRANCE

Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet (2) SWITZERLAND

Élise Amfreville (2) FRANCE

Adrien Le Coënt (1) FRANCE

Sabine Baun (1) GERMANY

Mira Rogulski (1) FRANCE

Ingrid Dimitra Ortner (1) AUSTRIA

Caroline Magnin (1) FRANCE

Romain Garnier (1) FRANCE

Olivia Lewi (1) FRANCE

Dimitris Panaretos (2) GREECE

Alessandro Fico (1) ITALY

Heather Colley (3) UK

James Thatcher (1) UK

Niké d'Astorg (1) FRANCE

Elizabeth Angel Perez (2) FRANCE

Jocelyn Dupont (1) FRANCE

Vincent Broqua (1) FRANCE

Giliane Morell (3) FRANCE

Gregory Boutin (1) FRANCE

Nicholas Manning (1) FRANCE

Myriam Ackermann Sommer (2) FRANCE

Michel Houdiard (2) FRANCE

Alex Fang (1) CHINA

Makana Eyre (1) USA

Anna Street (1) USA

Stéphanie Fonvielle (1) FRANCE

Éric Hoppenot (1) FRANCE

Laurent Fauré (2) FRANCE

Valerie Andrews (1) USA

Claire Fabre (1) FRANCE

Jane Werley (1) USA

Mary Moffroid (1) USA

Armelle Sabatier (2) FRANCE

Jacqueline Kanter (1) FRANCE

Jill Moriarty (2) USA

Mary Joye (1) USA

Line Cottegnies (1) FRANCE

Michele Irwin (1) USA

Edouard Marsoin (1) FRANCE

Naomi Berhane (1) USA/FRANCE

Henri Kristof (1) FRANCE

Ben Winsworth (1) FRANCE

Manos Gerapitridis (1) GREECE

Aloysia Rousseau (1) FRANCE

Beatrice Catanese (1) FRANCE

Carine Ramella (1) FRANCE

Marc Abensour (1) FRANCE

Paolo Cassella (1) ITALY

Richard Anker (1) FRANCE

Anne Etienne (2) IRELAND

Christophe Serda (1) FRANCE

Nicolas Lakomicki (1) FRANCE

Anna Galanis Alexiades (2) USA/GREECE

Franck Bolly (1) FRANCE

Carole Boittin (1) FRANCE

Gwen Le Cor (1) FRANCE

Jean-François Cavelier (1) USA/FRANCE

Christina Kavvadia (1) GREECE

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